Via My Scandinavian Home.

I am in love with German photographer Petra Reger's home. It has the balance that I would ask for my ideal house: a building with personality and history, since original plaster walls and wooden floors are kept; and a restrained and monochromatic design full of awesome objects such as the Series 7 chairs by Arne Jacobsen of the kitchen table or Panton Chair Classic of the desk.


La casa de la fotógrafa alemana Petra Reger me encanta. Tiene el equilibrio que yo misma buscaría en mi casa ideal: una construcción con personalidad e historia, pues se mantienen algunas paredes de yeso y los suelos de madera originales; y una decoración sobria y monocromática llena de objetos geniales, como las Series 7 de Arne Jacobsen de la mesa de la cocina o la Panton Chair Classic en el escritorio.

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  1. That is an amazing house. I do not normally pay attention to monochromatic homes (I prefer bright colors or sometimes pastels), but this house is really nice to look at. The wall color and texture for the living room and the kitchen are especially interesting. Very artistic! Thanks for sharing these photos online.

    Shantelle @ Tiffany Hanken Design